Harper the Pit Bull Puppy & Dolly’s Foundation

I always have the Today Show on in the morning as background noise, and every once in a while there is a segment about animals. Today, I was passing by the TV and the sweetest little pit bull puppy face was chewing on Matt Lauer’s shoe lace, so naturally I had to rewind and watch the segment immediately (love my dvr!). Harper’s story is an amazing testament to how these dogs often overcome obstacles and persevere with the help of caring people. She was born with a condition called “swimmer puppy syndrome”, in which she could not walk or lift her head, and was abandoned by her original owner. Lucky for the little girl, she was rescued by Erica Daniel of Dolly’s Foundation, a pit bull rescue in Orlando, Florida. The organization is named after Dolly the pit bull. Click here to watch a video about Dolly’s amazing story. I’ll warn you that you may spend the next three to five minutes crying, so have a tissue ready. But Dolly’s story is not a sad one anymore, thanks to Erica! If you can’t watch the video (there are some graphic images), you can read about her story here.

Harper the Pit Bull Puppy
Harper (photo by Flyin Fur Pet Photography)

Harper the Pit Bull Puppy
Harper (photo by Flyin Fur Pet Photography)

Dolly's Foundation Founder Erica Daniel
Dolly’s Foundation Founder Erica Daniel & Dolly the Pit Bull

The above photos of Harper were taken by Flyin Fur Pet Photography. They are currently selling all of their photos of her and donating the proceeds to Dolly’s Foundation.


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