Last Hope’s Golden Whisker Society Aims to Increase Senior Adoptions

Recently, I was asked by my sister-in-law to design this logo for Last Hope‘s new Golden Whisker Society Senior Dog & Cat Adoption Program:

Golden Whisker Society at Last Hope

Below is the newsletter sent out regarding the program:

November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month and the perfect time for us to launch Last Hope’s senior pet adoption program, the Golden Whisker Society.  As we know, our town shelters are overflowing with homeless cats and dogs every day.  Removing any animal from that plight is rewarding; Doing so for an older cat or dog can be one of the more satisfying experiences of a lifetime.  No animal likes to be in a cage, alone and without companionship.  Older animals tend to suffer more, though, due to the stress of a major life-change at a time when their bodies are not as strong and their sensitivities high.   Many suffer physical pains and ailments that go untreated because they cannot tell anyone what hurts.  Most of them suffer broken hearts due to  the losses they have endured, having once been someone’s beloved pet and now finding themselves alone in a cage in a strange place. Many older animals languish in shelter cages for months, and even years, because most people look to adopt younger pets.  We are hoping to change this.  Our goal with our Golden Whisker Society is two-fold:  We aim to raise awareness of the incredible joy one can experience in adopting a senior pet by having our senior-pet adopters tell their stories here, and we hope to raise much-needed funding so that we can continue to take more amazing seniors out of the shelters and give them the medical attention they deserve and the comfort of the forever-homes they crave.

Please check back here often for our stories, and please consider donating to our cause. If you have ever adopted an older animal and want to share your story, just send us an email to to submit your story (and photo too!) and we can post your story here. For more information about the Golden Whisker Society contact Lucy at and Eileen at

We celebrate this month as Adopt a Senior Pet Month, but our Golden Whisker Society mission continues every single day throughout the year and beyond.  For as long as there are senior animals who need us, we will continue to find ways to help them.

Please support the Golden Whisker Society and spread the word to animal lovers in your circle!


2 thoughts on “Last Hope’s Golden Whisker Society Aims to Increase Senior Adoptions

  1. This is a great idea! I told my boyfriend our next dog is going to be an older shelter dog, and he is very skeptical of it. I adopted both my lab mixes from the shelter and I couldn’t have asked for better dogs. You could even try pairing up with retirement homes and have a show case of the older adoptable pets, maybe they can sympathize with each other.

    -Bianca at

    • Tell your boyfriend it will be very rewarding! Giving an old dog a loving, comfortable home is a big commitment but it will be the best decision you’ve ever made! Good luck with your four legged family, and thanks for commenting!

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