More Adoptable Buddies

Looking for a new friend? How about any of these adoptable cuddle buddies:

Diamond Adoptable Dog

Come meet Diamond and let her dazzle you with her sweet, outgoing personality. She will greet you with tail wagging, body dancing, and a lick on the face, if you let her. Have another canine? She will greet them the same! This sweet girl is too friendly to be in a shelter. She needs a home where she can run and play, go on long walks or runs and take trips to the park. If you adopt Diamond, you will see the love and devotion she gives is truly priceless!


Dominick Adoptable Do

Dominick is a 4yr old lab mix…he was rescued from the CACC and now in boarding we had an adopter but it fell through he gets along with other dogs…he is up to date with shots and microchipped and neutered…he does not like to be crated at all..he is getting very depressed in his cage in boarding can anyone help this guy out…


Leon Adoptable Dog

Anybody know a big strong dude looking for a big strong dog to play/wrestle with? Leon is a wonderful rescue dog who LOVES to play, is super friendly and waggly/wiggly, BUT his play style is VERY physical and he requires a person who can match him in physical strength and love of play. He loves all people and other dogs…especially those with lots of energy and endurance. Leon is 2 yrs old, about 75 lbs, neutered, up to date on his shots and looking for his home in NY/NJ/New England region. He is currently upstate NY, near Albany.


Coco Adoptable Dog

Coco is a gorgeous male, neutered, german shepherd mix, 21 mths old and a true german shepherd. He is very loving and loves his family but is protective of them too as many shepherds are. Once he meets you though, he loves you. He loves other dogs too. Coco was found as a puppy abandoned at just 5 weeks old. Coco loves going for long walks, and just loves the snow.. He is a wonderful dog and his foster family can speak with you directly. They are unable to keep him as Coco was their daughters dog and she is overseas and cannot take him with her. Please give this beautiful boy a home down load an application from and help get this boy a permanent home.


Shelby Adoptable Dog

Meet our absolute sweet girl Shelby. Shelby was rescued just in the nick of time- you see her owner had to surrender her to a high-kill shelter when they went into the hospital. Poor Shelby, a beloved family pet was so scared. This girl is just a calm, mellow, cuddler. She is fantastic on the leash an d great with other dogs, and children too.


Carly Adoptable Dog

Carly is a stunning Black Lab mix. She was a wonderful mommy to her 6 pups and now needs a loving home of her own. She is about 2 years old.


Rumor Adoptable Dog

This is Rumor a pretty, happy little dog who loves to play and is just beautiful. She is always smiling as she seems to enjoy just about everything. Rumor is small in stature and weighs about 40lbs. She loves to play with other dogs and is very good on the leash. She is very well behaved and enjoys sitting and relaxing with her favorite person. Please download an application for Rumor if you want a wonderful little girl to call your own. Take long walks with and just hang out with too.


Click on the dog to reach their adoption page. Happy adopting!


5 thoughts on “More Adoptable Buddies

  1. i want rumor!
    but i’d spell her name as “rumour” since i like to write with the queen’s english. πŸ™‚
    if only i could know that i’d have room in new york city for another dog.
    i can’t take her right now, but i will pass this link along to my friends. 😦

    • thanks! Rumor looks just like my little Theo, only black instead of tan πŸ™‚ now that I think about it, I’ll have to write a post about him soon… he is too cute not to be on this blog…

  2. Rumor is my favorite. I just have a soft spot for black, pitbull-type dogs. I hope they have all been adopted by now. Realistically, I know they probably have not been adopted. Thanks for featuring them on your blog so more people see this wonderful dogs!

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