Get Your Holidays On, Etsy Style

I’m a little behind on the holiday band wagon, since in my head its still somewhere near October. I’m not sure why (maybe it’s the weather) but this season just doesn’t feel very holiday-ish to me! But regardless, the holidays are here. And it’s time to deck the halls, Etsy style. Here are some fun items I’ve found to make it feel more like Christmas:

Holly Napkin Holder
Holly Napkin Holder by DecorLiving

Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Personalized Christmas Ornament by TheLonelyHeart

Christmas Cake Pops
Christmas Cake Pops by PoppiesCakePops

Yarn Wrapped Holiday Wreath
Yarn Wrapped Holiday Wreath by Wreathsbystephanie

Red Flower Necklace
Red Flower Necklace by botanicalbird

And of course, something for the pup:

Red Plaid Dog Collar
Red Plaid Dog Collar by neckcandycollars

Happy shopping!


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