Post Holiday Organizing

Something about taking down the Christmas tree makes me want to clean and organize everything. After all of the wrapping paper is thrown away and the sparkles from the ornaments are vacuumed up, there is a renewed sense of space. It feels like the right time to start fresh, with a clean slate, and prepare for the New Year. I’ve been searching for new office shelving and a work table so I can spread out all of my work (and so I can stop screen printing t-shirts in the kitchen).

I just came across this DIY work table tutorial on The Ivy Cottage Blog constructed from two doors ($25 each) and four sets of shelves ($16 each):

DIY Work Table

I have to try this!

And while I’m at it, dreaming up a new office a living room design:

Beautiful Home Office Design

Beautiful Living Room Design

These rooms look like a good way to start the New Year fresh. I’ll have to add these to my to-do list:

1. Get all white furniture for the office and paint the walls a cool grey.
2. Find super cool coffee table for the living room, and place a bowl of rocks on it. Also orchids.

Are you reorganizing for the New Year? Leave a comment!


If I Could Redecorate…

Every once in a while I get the urge to redecorate. Since I can’t afford to right now, I’ve settled on compiling some photos and I’ll come back to them when I’m ready. It satisfies my urge so I can move onto something else, like work. Enjoy!

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor

Home Decor


Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Sooooo I had so much fun shooting the new RIC by Stacey Lauren Collection with Maria Vlantis, Adam Martin, Melissa Polito, Joannie Noutsis, and Liz Wilczek. Who doesn’t love the beach, balloons and candy necklaces? Here are some shots I took with my iPhone:

Photo Shoot  Photo ShootPhoto Shoot  Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot  Photo Shoot

Sorry I am not even close to a professional photographer, even with my fancy new iPhone 4S ..  these are crappy! Pro shots to come.. Can’t wait to share!

My Kind of Fall Decor

I’m always sad when fall comes around. I miss the warm sunny days even before they’re gone. There is something nice about the crisp, fall air, though, and I can certainly appreciate the beauty in the changing leaves. But the one thing that bothers me most about fall is the super-depressing home decor. I find all of the oranges, reds, and browns to be dark, burnt and dreary. If I were ever to be hired as an interior designer, I’d love to incorporate bright whites, neutrals, and blues with a just a ‘touch’ of fall. Here are some design ideas for those who agree:

Pottery Barn Wooden Canoe
Pottery Barn Wooden Canoe

Crate And Barrel Fall Decor
Crate & Barrel Inspiration

Restoration Hardware Braided Throw
Restoration Hardware Braided Throw

Better Homes & Garden Fall Bedroom Decor
Better Homes & Garden Bedroom Decor