2011 Victories for Animals by The Humane Society of the United States

If you don’t have time to watch it, here’s a recap of HSUS’ 2011 accomplishments:

  • Over 8,000 animals saved from cruelty cases
  • Hands-on care for more than 50,000 animals through rescue efforts & animal care centers
  • Push for federal agreement to reduce the suffering of millions of egg-laying hens
  • Shut down dozens of illegal animal fighting operations
  • Free spay and neuter for thousands of pets
  • The Shelter Pet Project, promoting rescuing from shelters and rescues
  • Massive relocations of animals to safety
  • Partnerships with law enforcement to crack down on poaching
  • New laws to protect pets, farm animals, and wildlife
  • Defending laws that protect polar bears
  • Exposing animal cruelty with undercover investigators
  • Convincing companies to adopt cruelty-free testing
  • Fighting to get chimpanzees out of labs and into sanctuaries

True heroes in my book. Keep it up in 2012!


Help Protect Animals From Abuse & Neglect with HSUS

Currently volunteering at a local shelter, I’m doing my best to step into the world of animal welfare. I’m working on becoming emotionally stronger so that I can eventually have a bigger impact. I’ve also created a collection of tees and tops, donating a portion of the proceeds to The Humane Society of the United States. Hope you like them:

RIC by Stacey Lauren Rescued Tee
“Rescued” Tee

RIC by Stacey Lauren Studded Paw Tee
“Studded Paw” Tee

RIC by Stacey Lauren Lace Paw Hoodie
“Lace Paw” Hoodie

RIC by Stacey Lauren Lace Paw Boat Neck Tee
“Lace Paw” Boat Neck Tee

RIC by Stacey Lauren "Studded Paw" Hoodie
“Studded Paw” Hoodie

RIC by Stacey Lauren "Studded Paw" Hoodie
“Studded Paw” Hoodie

What’s left from my 2010 collection of dog breed tees also contributes to HSUS. Click to see the whole collection:

Stacey Lauren 2010 Collection

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